VENUESHIELD: Environmental Hygiene

VenueShield provides direction to venue management on how to implement best-in-class health and safety protocols and procedures to operate events in ASM Global’s primary venues types (arenas, stadia, theaters and convention centers). These industry-leading practices were developed in partnership with an international team of environmental hygiene and biocontainment specialists, local and national government officials and some of the world’s leading health care experts.

VenueShield’s deployment is divided into six key workstream pillars that support key operations, including:

  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Workforce Safety
  • Food and Beverage
  • Technology & Equipment
  • Customer Journey
  • Public Awareness

The Environment Hygiene pillar includes detailed disinfection protocols for re-occupancy and ongoing operations for various venue, space and surface types.  Cleaning procedures for numerous mechanical and HVAC systems feature recommended biocides and specific decontamination and disinfection chemicals.